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Introducing JustPoS

Privately owned and with the head office in Johannesburg, JustPoS is a group of businesses specialising in the supply of Point of Sale systems and services to the Retail, Banking, Hospitality and Gaming markets in South Africa. In 2008, the company was formed to address the prevailing market need for a new supplier able to provide the Hospitality sector with state-of-the-art PoS technology. However, there had to be an underlying foundation of service and warranty support that was lacking in the region. The business plan was compelling and so it did not take long to identify and secure distribution agreements with leading manufacturers; Hisense and Epson. Both these global manufacturers produce high quality but affordable PoS systems and peripherals which have become the cornerstone of the JustPoS product strategy.

Hisense HK220 Mini PoS All-in-one Touch Computer supplied by JustPoS

The primary route into the Hospitality market was (and continues to be) via a carefully selected group of specialist software and service companies. They are all well established and highly progressive in the business of developing turn-key solutions for restaurants and fast food outlets. This channel now owns thirty percent market share in South Africa with more than ten thousand site installations (the total market is estimated to be greater than thirty thousand across the formal sector). JustPoS has been unwavering in its quest to meet the specific needs of these specialist resellers and this has proved to be the key to success. This formula focussing on providing better products underpinned by service excellence has been the differentiator in the South African PoS marketplace and certainly bodes well for the future growth and success for JustPoS.

Hisense HK900B PoS Touch Computer supplied by JustPoS
Hisense HM518 Tablet PoS Touch Computer supplied by JustPoS

Hisense PoS

Most people recognise Hisense as one of the world's largest producers of TVs and electronic consumer goods and they are correct in that the corporation achieved revenue in excess of US$15,7 Billion in 2016. But what many do not know is that since acquiring NCR's manufacturing facilities in Qingdao in 1991, Hisense has become China's leading supplier of PoS technology products and services. Owned largely by the Chinese government, today Hisense proudly boasts a sixty five percent share of the Chinese tier one retail market. In other words sixty five of China's largest one hundred shopping malls make exclusive use of Hisense technology - this encompasses all PoS hardware, software and related services.

JustPoS - Next Chapter

The next chapter of the JustPoS story is about broadening the focus to include new products such as the Hisense payment devices and self-checkout PoS as well as the Epson intelligent printers which support cloud based software. These solutions will complement the existing product ranges and provide JustPoS with a significant opportunity to grow market share. An international research company once made the following enlightening observation after completing a global ePoS market research project:

"Sub-Saharan Africa is a region with great economic potential but the limited number of large retail groups and the high concentration of small outlets make it very difficult for PoS technology vendors & distributors to secure dominant or leading market share positions."

JustPoS is highly optimistic about challenging this view by building on the significant success achieved in our hospitality sector over the past five years.

Why Hisense PoS?

These are just some of the reasons why more and more businesses around the world are choosing Hisense PoS technology:

  • Purpose built systems with an international failure rate of less than 2% per annum.
  • Two decades of successful business in China's tier one retail market and 56% market share.
  • Proven credibility and track record in South Africa with sales of more than 5,000 touch computers into hospitality since February 2011.
  • Comprehensive change management notification i.e. minimum of six months advance warning of any BIOS, Motherboard or Chipset change so that the transition process from one product to another is always under complete and proper control.
  • 36 month warranty, guaranteed spares availability and professional repair services for up to five years after official end of life announcement.
  • Speed of production and delivery without compromising quality control.
  • Affordable upfront purchase prices coupled to industry low cost of ownership over five to seven years of usage life.
Hisense HK585 PoS Touch Computer supplied by JustPoS
Hisense HK500 PoS PC/Server supplied by JustPoS

Technology Differentiator

Hisense Point of Sale systems cannot be purchased from mainstream computer distributors or retail stores. Surveys clearly show that the five year cost attached to owning this specialised hardware is far lower than that attached to owning computers purchased from mainstream supply channels. JustPoS is a Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner and our message is very simply that the benefits of Hisense PoS systems with consistent and stable chipsets and operating systems are vital to the successful running of your business. Making the right choices and purchasing decisions around these issues is a key aspect of protecting your long term investment in PoS technology.

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