Hisense HK500 PoS Computer

Powerful modular PC/Server providing excellent reliability and stability

HK500 - Description

The Hisense HK500 is a powerful PC/server that uses fanless technology which together with the aluminium alloy housing requires no ventilation at all. Even if the unit is placed in a sealed space it will not overheat. Any build up of heat is quickly dissipated through clever heat pipes and the ribbed-design of the outer body. The use of SSD technology ensures stability and reliability of the system.

The HK500 is virtually maintenance free even under heavy duty operating conditions.

HK500 - Key Features

  1. Ergonomic space saving design
  2. Fanless technology stable and reliable
  3. Easy swap HDD/SSD bay
  4. Wide range of I/O ports
  5. SSD up to 256GB
  6. Optional wall mount

Optional peripherals:

  • Wireless LAN card

Hisense HK500 PC Server - Specification Sheet

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