Hisense PoS Peripherals

JustPoS provides a number of Hisense PoS peripheral products which can be easily added to existing point of sale configurations. The peripherals can also be used to make up a complete solution such as using the HK500 PC/Server together with a cash drawer, touch screen, barcode scanner, finger print scanner and a pole display unit if required.

Hisense HS410E Cash Drawer

Custom designed and purpose built for our local SA market, the Hisense HS410E is a compact and robust cash drawer with five note slots and up to eight coin bays and typically connects to the drawer kick (DK) port of our Epson PoS printers (TM-T20II and TM-U220B).

Hisense HS410E Cash Drawer - Specification sheet

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HF100 Fingerprint Reader

Based on Digital Persona’s world renowned technology, this popular biometric fingerprint reader has become the de facto standard in South Africa over the past 10 years. The HF100 is available as a “standalone” reader or as a professionally housed accessory to the Hisense range of Touch Computers (HK900 & HK585).

HF100 Fingerprint Reader - Specification sheet

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Hisense MD10V and MD15V Touch Screens

Integrated Touch Computers are certainly the accepted standard nowadays in hospitality but there are still certain applications (mainly retail) where a PoS Server or a PoS Lan Station might require a separate (standalone) Touch Screen. Available in both 10 inch (MD10V) and 15 inch (MD15V) formats, it’s worth noting that the Hisense MDV series of robust touch screens can also be purchased as non-touch monitors.

Hisense MD15V & MD10V Touch Screen - Specification sheet

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Hisense SC188AT Barcode Scanner

In a busy store environment where scanning barcodes is a mission critical function, retailers need a reliable handheld device that scans accurately and just works non-stop, trouble free. The Hisense SC188AT has proven to be one of our best-selling and robust products over the past 10 years and continues to hold a prominent position on our price list.

Hisense SC188AT Barcode Scanner - Specification sheet

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Hisense VC220 Pole Display

With the advent of integrated customer facing displays designed into the Point of Sale system, the demand for traditional “Pole Displays” has definitely declined over the years. Nevertheless, JustPoS will endeavour to keep some stock of the Hisense model VC220 with vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) and a USB interface.

Hisense VC220 Pole Display - Specification sheet

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Hisense K100D Keyboard & DL-001 Mouse

Both the Hisense keyboard and mouse are ideally suited to the retail and hospitality environments. They are robust and can take the typical heavy usage one finds in fast food restaurants.

Hisense K100D Keyboard & DL-001 Mouse - Specification sheet

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