Hisense Corporation

Hisense has fast become a household brand name with its incredible success over the past ten years in the Television and Refrigeration manufacturing industries. First established in 1969, Hisense rapidly developed into a multinational electronic and information giant, with 18 subsidiaries, 75,000 employees and sales revenue of $15.7 Billion (2016).

Globally, Hisense has production facilities in South Africa, Algeria and Egypt with several sales operations in Europe, Australia, USA, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Hisense products are exported to over 130 countries and regions around the world.

The corporation now produces ten million television sets per year for the global market and on the back of this success has become the largest producer of Touch Computers in the Far East; supplying over thirty thousand machines per year to the Chinese Retail and Hospitality sectors.

Since acquiring NCR's point of sale manufacturing plant and production facilities in 1991, Hisense has become the market leading supplier of Retail Technology products and services. With the Chinese government as a major stakeholder, today Hisense proudly boasts more than a sixty percent share of the Chinese Tier One retail market. In other words, over sixty of China's top one hundred shopping malls use Hisense exclusively for their PoS requirements; this encompasses all PoS hardware, software and related services.

Hisense Intelligent Commercial Systems (HICS)

The Hisense Corporation is firmly built on a solid foundation of extensive research and development. This is no different in the Qingdao based home of Smart Commercial Systems - HICS. With 300 R&D Engineers focused on everything to do with touch screen computers and point of sale equipment, it is not a surprise that for the last 12 consecutive years, Hisense has been the No.1 PoS supplier in China.

HICS Factory

The HICS factory is ISO 9001/14000/18000 certified and proudly holds 84 patents. It produces Electronic Fund Transfer PoS, traditional PoS, Self-Check Out PoS as well as software and has impressive annual production capacities as follows:

  • Traditional PoS Units: 100,000
  • Self-Check Out PoS Units: 10,000
  • Electronic Fund Transfer PoS Units: 6,000,000

JustPoS and Hisense

During the latter part of 2010 (shortly after the Soccer World Cup) JustPoS was actively researching the Far East market for a new Touch Computer system that would complete our existing PoS hardware solution and complement our highly successful Epson PoS printer distribution business. in the first instance, brand credibility is what drew us to Hisense. At the time, Hisense had more than 50% market share in their domestic Chinese Tier 1 retail sector and it was clear that this dynamic corporation ($16 Billion) was becoming more recognised around the world and particularly in South Africa. Seven years later Hisense is now the number one television supplier in South Africa with more than 600 staff at their Cape Town facility.

One of the key aspects of the successful partnership between JustPoS and Hisense has been the ability of HICS to respond quickly and positively to our unique South African product requirements; both commercial and technical. From the very beginning the HICS team understood the importance of competitive pricing without compromising build quality and reliability. Combined with the capability and capacity to deliver product on time and often by mission critical deadlines, this close working relationship has proven to be a major competitive advantage. Without this “can do” attitude JustPoS would not have become South Africa’s number one supplier of PoS equipment.

At first (in 2011) we made every effort to use the existing Hisense warranty and technical support infrastructure in Johannesburg but it did not take us long for us to realise that (for various reasons) this approach was not a workable long term solution. Credit must go to HICS in Qingdao for being flexible in this regard and accepting the alternative strategy put forward by JustPoS. So in 2012 we appointed BIAS Consultants (in Johannesburg and Durban) as the official warranty repair centre for all Hisense PoS products sold by JustPoS in Southern Africa. Our customers will vouch for the high level of service delivery and fast turnaround times provided by this important business partner.

Hisense in Sport

Hisense is actively involved in sponsoring and supporting world class action sports events and teams:

  • Global Partner of the UEFA European Championship 2016
  • 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup Official Sponsor
  • Australian Open
  • Nascar Racing
  • F1 Racing
  • Infiniti Red Bull Racing
  • Germany’s FC Schalke 04

Hisense and Golden Lions

Most recently, in February this year, Hisense South Africa proudly announced its partnership with the Golden Lions Rugby Union as well as the associate sponsor to the Emirates Lions.

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