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The HK600 is powered by a high-performance J6412 CPU, ensuring optimal performance during peak business hours. The robust aluminium alloy casing and fanless design enable efficient heat dispersion while functioning silently. 

The system's advanced features, such as watchdog support, diskless boot, wake-on-LAN, automatic power-on, and timed power-on, help ensure system stability, reduce downtime, and streamline management processes, ultimately contributing to increased efficiency.

HiStone Super Box POS System HK600.jpg


  • Dual Intel I226-V high-performance 2.5G ethernet port

  • Storage options of M.2 SATA or SATA SSD

  • HDMI and VGA ports supporting duplicate or extend modes

  • Supports watchdog, diskless boot, wake-on-LAN, automatic power-on, and timed power-on

  • Comprehensive I/O interface including USB2.1, Serial, LAN, VGA, HDMI, Audio

  • Space-saving design 

  • Wall-mount or under-counter mount capabilities with rail bracket



CPU Icon.png

Intel® Celeron J6412 Elkhart Lake Quad-core 2.0 GHz up to 2.6GHz

Storage Icon.png
  • M.2 SATA 128GB up to 512 GB

  • SATA SSD 120GB up to 512GB

I_O Port Icon.png
  • USB - 6 x 2.0, 2 x 3.0

  • Serial - 4 x RS232 (Standard), Com2/Com3 can be set to RS232/RS485 (Optional)

  • LAN - 1 x RJ45 (1Gbps) Adaptive Network

  • Audio - 1 x Line-MIC

  • Video - 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA

Ram Icon.png

4GB up to 16GB

Operating System Icon.png

Windows 10 & Linux

PSU Icon.png

24V 60W

HiStone Super Box POS System HK600.png

Optional Peripherals

Product Brochure

Product Brochure

Download the HK600 Product Brochure

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